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Always one of a kind

Belgium artist, Tamara Greindl, is multi-talented with backgrounds in history, classical music and art.  She has developed a growing passion for jewelry and, since 2007, has exclusively dedicated her time to jewelry creations. 

Tamara, inspired by contemporary fashion and the latest trends, lets her imagination run wild. She combines the least expected materials and elements giving her pieces a touch of originality and humorous style wrapped with elegance.  Leather, felt, tulle and feathers genuinely get together with Murano glass and semi-precious pearls.

Each unique piece is a fashion statement that is sure to be noticed!


Chelsey Loren

Chelsey Loren’s love for antique jewelry and vintage fashions began long before the conception of her first belt design.  Raised with an appreciation for history, she creates unique belt buckles, juxtaposing modern fashion and style with vintage details and beauty.

Each belt buckle is vintage itself, adorned with fragments of antique jewelry.  One buckle could have a Victorian cameo from the late 1800s splashed with rhinestones from the 50s... The possibilities are endless!

Each belt is a timeless creation that will compliment both casual or elegant outfits!


Chelsey Loren

After several years as a successful lawyer, Eleonore, a Belgian native, felt that her sense of creativity was not fulfilled in that profession. She decided to go back to design school in Brussels, Belgium while continuing to work part time. With her diploma in hands, she interned with renowned haute couture designer Pierre Gauthier. Then feeling strong enough to go on her own, she started her new adventure….

Eleonore loves to create unusual garments from rare, recycled or forgotten fabrics. Every piece, handmade with the upmost care, is unique.

“My creations are for the spirited women who like to add fun to their wardrobe with a unique style…”