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  1. links necklace

    links necklace

    LINKS NECKLACE Material: resin color: beige, blue, gold
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  2. big oval resin necklace

    big oval resin necklace

    BIG OVAL NECKLACE Material: resin Color: cream/gold
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  3. large leather clutch

    large leather clutch

    LARGE LEATHER CLUTCH Fabric: Italian leather Size: 13.5" L X 9.5" H Color: blue, bordeaux, camel, charcoal, cream, taupe, dark taupe
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  4. woven crossbody handbag

    woven crossbody handbag

    WOVEN CROSSBODY HANDBAG Fabric: faux leather Size: 8.5" X 5" Color: blue, camel, cream, hot pink, navy, silver, turquoise
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  5. animal print wrap

    animal print wrap

    ANIMAL PRINT WRAP Fabric: 100% wool, trimmed with fur balls Size: 26" X 72" Color: black/chocolate SOLD OUT
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